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Hello there!

I am a Student at 'Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, and I am making my way towards my dream, though i am not completely sure what this dream is. The more work i make, the closer I get to  my goal, being happy with what I do. I make illustrations of both your and my ideas, and make ideas come to life. In portfolio you can see what I love to do, and what I have done for others.

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I am happy to share with you that (if covid allowes it) My friend and i will be pressent at Heroes Dutch Comic Con this March. 

We will be sharing a table, where we will sell our art in the forms of posters, prints, keychains, buttons, stickers and more. 

Our table will be a clash of aesthetics, a little of both our worlds come together and available. 

It will be my first time ever going to DCC, let alone table there, so some healthy nerves are certainly present, but i can't wait to see everybody there and to share my work with you in physical form.

My friend and i are still very busy with preperations, but we're very excited. 

Till then!

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Current internship

2 years ago i started my study 'media design' at 'Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam'.

Being in my third year i am intenring at the lovely Naomi King.

About me: Over
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